Why Dash? Why Dash?

Dash is a top cryptocurrency, built on blockchain, that is designed to be digital cash. It is used to make instant, private payments online or in-store.

Digital Cash

Dash is used to make instant, private transactions online or in-store with its secure open-source platform hosted by thousands of users around the world. Transactions are instant, secure, private, and low cost.


The Dash network has grown to more than 4,900 masternodes since its launch in 2014, making it one of the largest peer-to-peer networks in the world giving it the ability to scale.


Dash has a deeply passionate and positive community of developers, merchants, and organizations, allowing them to stay focused on their core mission of accelerating mass adoption of digital currency.

Self Governing

Dash operates as a non-profit that funds its own growth. Consensus is guaranteed and everyone is accountable to the network. Anyone can present ideas to the network for funding. Stakeholders vote to approve ideas.


Exposure to Dash
To operate a Dash master node, it requires a minimum of 1000 Dash, powerful hardware, and enterprise-grade security. Neptune Dash takes care of all of this to support the growth of our master node network.
Clear Vision
Neptune Dash is committed to accelerating the mass adoption of digital currency through the continual investment in Dash infrastructure and the support of the Dash ecosystem.
Strong Leadership
We have a strong team of blockchain and fintech industry veterans, technology experts, and business leaders that have consistently demonstrated their ability to create long-term shareholder value.


We construct and operate Dash masternodes. Earnings are reinvested into the growth of additional Dash masternodes and Dash technology.


Become the global public markets leader in Dash technology


Neptune Dash increases in value with yield and Dash currency appreciation


We use our expertise to invest in and operate Dash master nodes & technology


Build additional Dash masternodes and reinvest in Dash technology

about us TEAM

Our mission is to accelerate the mass adoption of digital currency through early support and investment in dash technologies and infrastructure, and we believe we will become the global public markets leader in dash.

Cale Moodie
CEO & Director

Mr. Moodie’s career in public market finance spans well over a decade in roles as founder, CFO, director and audit committee chair for numerous publicly traded companies on the TSX-V.

He has been involved in over $100M in financings and instrumental in numerous transactions including the sale of Underworld Resources (as CFO) to Kinross Gold for $140M in 2010. Prior to working in industry, Mr. Moodie worked for KPMG LLP in Vancouver.

Mr. Moodie has been an avid follower and investor in the digital currency and blockchain space since 2013.


Bachelor of Science from UBC (1999)

Chartered Professional Accountant (2006)

Troy Wong, CPA, CA
CFO & Director

Mr. Wong is a digital currency trader and blockchain startup consultant. Mr. Wong spent the first ten years of his career at a private equity portfolio company, Canada’s largest diversified mining company, and a Big 4 Accounting Firm.

Prior to joining Neptune Dash Technologies Corp., Mr. Wong worked at Enirgi Group Corporation overseeing reporting and analytics for five business units. Previous to his time at Enirgi Group Corporation, Mr. Wong worked in the Finance Group of Teck Resources Ltd. specializing in operational review and compliance. Mr. Wong began his career at Ernst & Young LLP specializing in public company audits.


Bachelors of Commerce from UBC (2007)

Chartered Professional Accountant (2009)

Kalle Radage, MBA

Mr. Radage is a technology executive focused on enterprise software and financial technology. He is the Executive Director of Clearly Payments. Mr. Radage was former President of Payirma until it was acquired and also held senior operational roles at Oracle, Nokia, and Sabela Media, which was successfully acquired by 24/7 Real Media for $70M.

Kalle was also a Venture Capitalist at Nokia Ventures and BDC Venture Capital, investing in enterprise and consumer tech companies.

He is an active member of the technology community as an advisor, investor, and board member.


BSc, Computer Science from UBC (1999)

MBA from IESE Business School (2007)

Guy Halford-Thompson

Mr. Halford-Thomson is a thought leader and entrepreneur in the Canadian digital currency eco-system. Mr. Halford-Thomson co-founded BTL Group, the first public blockchain company to list on the Toronto Stock Exchange and he currently sits on the Company’s Board of Directors. Mr. Halford-Thomson’s passion for digital currencies started in 2013, when he cofounded QuickBitcoin a bitcoin trading company that introduced one of the first Bitcoin ATM’s to the United Kingdom.

Jackson Warren
Independent Director

Mr. Warren is a pioneering figure in the digital currency and Blockchain space. He brought the world its first physical bitcoin brokerage and its first Bitcoin ATM in 2013. He founded and ran one of Canada’s early digital currency exchanges and in recent years served as CEO of Xapcash Technologies Inc., and as Chief Operating Officer of BTL Group Ltd., an enterprise-class Blockchain solutions company that trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSXV: BTL).

Dario Meli
Independent Director

Over the last 15 years Dario has founded a number of successful ventures in Vancouver, New York, and Los Angeles including Invoke, Brightkit, Foodee and HootSuite.


Dario is on the advisory board of several technology companies and is a mentor at Launchpad LA.


Neptune Dash Announces Launch of Cosmos Network Validator and Investment into Cosmos Atom

VANCOUVER, June 03, 2019 – Neptune Dash Technologies Corp. (“Neptune Dash” or the “Company”) (TSX.V:DASH)...

Neptune Dash Announces Intent To Launch Cosmos Validator and Corporate Update

VANCOUVER, May 28, 2019 – Neptune Dash Technologies Corp. (“Neptune Dash” or the “Company”) (TSX.V:DASH)...

Neptune Dash Reports First Quarter of Fiscal 2019

VANCOUVER, Jan. 29, 2019– (“Neptune” or the “Company“) (TSX.V:DASH) (OTC:NPPTF) (FWB:1NW) is pleased to to announce...

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Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided a bit about us. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Neptune Dash Pooling is a program that allows Dash owners to participate in the creation of a Masternode and therefore gain interest rewards on their Dash. Dash owners typically store their Dash in a wallet, dormant and not generating any interest. This new service is a way for Dash owners to have their Dash work for them in a highly secure and transparent public company. Dash owners will gain interest on the percentage ownership they own in Masternodes. As owners hold their Dash in the pooling service, their interest will compound as their earned Dash is reinvested in the pooling service. Dash owners do not need to worry about building and operating Masternodes, Neptune Dash takes care of that.

Neptune Dash has built a strong set of competencies in building and operating Masternodes. The next step in evolution is to allow others to benefit from these competencies. Rather than Dash owners having their Dash sitting dormant, have it start working for them with Neptune Dash Pooling. This will further our capabilities to build and operate Masternodes.

1. Participant agrees to the terms and conditions provided by Neptune Dash; 2. Participants fill out this signup form, including their name, email, phone, address, and amount of Dash to be invested; 3. Neptune Dash sends an email to the participant including the address to send Dash; 4. Neptune Dash sets up the Masternode within 3 business days; 5. Neptune Dash sends the Masternode address so participants can view the status and rewards.

The interest, payouts in the form of Dash, is reinvested to into purchasing a new Masternode. When 1000 Dash is accumulated through the pooling service a new Masternode will be created.

Yes, your Dash is completely safe. Dash is safe and it will be stored according to stringent publicly listed company internal control protocols. This is all backed by Neptune Dash Technologies Corp., a publicly traded company which reports quarterly and is audited by a third party auditor annually. We have set up processes that involve both East and West Coast storage redundancy and stored in multiple law firm vaults. Neptune Dash is a publicly traded company on the Toronto Stock Venture Exchange. The stock symbol is TSX-V: Dash.

The program is free to join, however Neptune Dash will take 18% of Masternode rewards.

You can either get more information from our website at ... or email pooling@neptunedash.com


Want to get in contact with us? Let us know — we’re here to help!



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