Neptune Dash Pooling FAQ

What is Neptune Dash Pooling?

Neptune Dash Pooling is a program that allows Dash owners to participate in the creation of a Masternode and therefore gain interest rewards on their Dash. Dash owners typically store their Dash in a wallet, dormant and not generating any interest. This new service is a way for Dash owners to have their Dash work for them in a highly secure and transparent public company.

Dash owners will gain interest on the percentage ownership they own in Masternodes. As owners hold their Dash in the pooling service, their interest will compound as their earned Dash is reinvested in the pooling service. Dash owners do not need to worry about building and operating Masternodes, Neptune Dash takes care of that.

Why is Neptune Dash adding a pooling service?

Neptune Dash has built a strong set of competencies in building and operating Masternodes. The next step in evolution is to allow others to benefit from these competencies. Rather than Dash owners having their Dash sitting dormant, have it start working for them with Neptune Dash Pooling. This will further our capabilities to build and operate Masternodes.

What is the process to sign up?

1. Participant agrees to the terms and conditions provided by Neptune Dash;

2. Participants fill out this signup form, including their name, email, phone, address, and amount of Dash to be invested;

3. Neptune Dash sends an email to the participant including the address to send Dash;

4. Neptune Dash sets up the Masternode within 3 business days;

5. Neptune Dash sends the Masternode address so participants can view the status and rewards.

What happens to the Dash rewards?

The interest, payouts in the form of Dash, is reinvested to into purchasing a new Masternode. When 1000 Dash is accumulated through the pooling service a new Masternode will be created.

Is my Dash safe?

Yes, your Dash is completely safe. Dash is safe and it will be stored according to stringent publicly listed company internal control protocols. This is all backed by Neptune Dash Technologies Corp., a publicly traded company which reports quarterly and is audited by a third party auditor annually. We have set up processes that involve both East and West Coast storage redundancy and stored in multiple law firm vaults. Neptune Dash is a publicly traded company on the Toronto Stock Venture Exchange. The stock symbol is TSX-V: Dash.

What is the cost of the pooling program?

The program is free to join, however Neptune Dash will take 18% of Masternode rewards.

Who can I ask if I have questions?

You can either get more information from our website at or email