How We Do It

Neptune Dash is a specialist at running Dash Masternodes. Masternodes do work on the Dash network and each Masternode gets paid for the work it does. When you store your Dash with us, we allocate it to our Masternodes so you get paid. You don’t need to worry about building and operating Masternodes because we take care of that for you. All you need to do is store your Dash with us.

Why Neptune Dash?

Masternodes icon
Masternodes icon

Masternode Growth

We maximize the amount our Masternodes get paid. We are experts at keeping our Masternodes securely running.

Neptune Dash Leadership
Neptune Dash Leadership

Dash Safety

Your Dash is safe. We are a trusted and transparent publicly traded company, TSX-V: DASH, with tight processes.

Neptune Dash Mission
Neptune Dash Mission


We are very nice Canadians.

How Your
Payments Work

Here's an example: Let's say you contribute 100 Dash. That 100 Dash will own 10% of a Masternode. If you stay in the program for one year and withdraw, your 10% ownership earned 7 Dash. You will get 5.74 Dash (82%) and we will keep 1.26 Dash (18%).

Masternode Yield


We are seeing approximately 7% annual return on Masternodes. That means each Masternode makes approximately 70 Dash per year.

Long Term Value


By joining the program, you will own a portion of a Masternode. You will keep 82% of the Masternode payments and we will keep 18% for service fees.

The Process

From signing up to redeeming your Dash rewards, our process consists of six simple steps:

Invest in Neptune Dash

Sign Up

Sign up for the program here

Neptune Dash Capture Value


After we verify your information, Neptune Dash will be in touch with instructions.

Replicate Value


We will work with you to securely take custody of your Dash

Neptune Dash Lead


We will deploy the Masternode within 3 business days

Neptune Dash Lead


We will send you the Masternode address so you can view the status and rewards

Neptune Dash Lead


You let us know when you want to withdraw your Dash and Dash rewards

Sign Up Now!

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